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Ashville Middle School Wins Third Consecutive National Archery Title

May 23, 2011

Alabama - For the third consecutive year the Ashville Middle School Archery Team has brought home top honors in the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) Championship, which was held in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 13, 2011. Ashville Middle School also became the first middle school to score more than 3,400 points in a national competition.

Ashville Middle School Archery Coach Jeremy Cox is very proud of his team. “The students worked so hard all year long and spent a lot of time helping each other,” Cox said. “Winning our third national archery title in a row, especially after the devastation of the tornado that rocked our area weeks before the national tournament, shows how our team pulled together through adversity to unite the community of Ashville and Shoal Creek.”

Sixteen Alabama teams competed at the 2011 Championship, which drew more than 7,000 students from 34 states and Canadian provinces. Several Alabama teams brought home trophies, and six individual students placed in the top five for their respective divisions. For a complete list of scores visit www.nasptournaments.org.

Top Individual Alabama Students by Division:

Joshua Clarke, Alma Bryant High, 3rd place, high school division, male.
Jimmy Williams, Ashville Middle, 2nd place, middle school division, male.
Cole Coultas, Buckhorn Middle, 3rd place, middle school division, male.
Amanda Alexander, Ashville Middle, 5th place, middle school division, female.
Hannah Howard, Ashville Elementary, 1st place, elementary school division, female.
Chas Roberts, Ashville Elementary, 5th place, elementary school division, male.

Final team standings for Alabama schools:

High School:
4th place - Ashville High School with a team score of 3,377.
9th place - Alma Bryant with a team score of 3,353.
65th place - Pell City High School with a team score of 3,146.
69th - Madison County Tech Center with a team score of 3,136.
77th place - Jemison High School with a team score of 3,110.
89th place - Coffeeville High School with a team score of 3,066.

Middle School:
1st place - Ashville Middle School with a team score of 3,403.
12th place - Buckhorn Middle with a team score of 3,276.
30th place - Saraland Middle School with a team score of 3,211.
42nd - Grand Bay Middle School with a team score of 3,157.

Elementary School:
21st - Foley Intermediate School with a team score of 3,094.
33rd - Susan Moore Elementary with a team score of 3,032.
40th - Gilliard Elementary with a team score of 3,018.
59th - Riverton Intermediate School with a team score of 2,912.
62nd - C.L. Salter Elementary School, team score of 2,878.
67th - Arab Elementary School with a team score of 2,856.

Scoring for the championship is based on Olympic style, target archery in three divisions: elementary, middle and high school. Competition included team and individual levels. NASP archery is a co-gender sport with every team required to contain boys and girls.

The NASP was founded in Kentucky in 2002 and has since spread around the country. The program was introduced in Alabama in 2003, and approximately 230 Alabama schools participate in the NASP program. In Alabama, the NASP is a joint venture between the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division and the Alabama Department of Education.

The program promotes participation in the lifelong sport of archery as part of a school’s physical education course and after-school programs. The NASP program can also be included as a unit or activity in the Lifelong Individualized Fitness Education (LIFE) course as part of the Alabama Course of Study. The program meets the criteria of one credit for physical education required for high school graduation.

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