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RAGBRAI Cyclists "Learn about the Land"

July 18, 2006

Cyclists from near and far will gather in Sergeant Bluff this weekend to begin their 444 mile trek across Iowa. The Iowa Geological Survey (IGS) worked with the U.S. Geological Survey to create a series of informational brochures that describe Iowa's land and water resources along the 2006 RAGBRAI route. Cyclists will have an opportunity to pickup the brochures in Sergeant Bluff or click here to view and download the seven informational brochures today.

IGS also partnered with Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) to showcase DNR's Interactive Mapping Service (IMS) websites found on the Iowa DNR website.

Two GIS Interactive mapping sites: "Recreation Map" and the "Basic Map and Air Photography Viewer" will be very useful along the RAGBRAI route. Both include such information as topographic maps, public lands, town locations and more. The Recreation Map is focused on the Iowa outdoors. The "Service" folder contains several layers with locations for any kind of service a person might need while on vacation. Businesses such as grocery stores, sporting goods stores, bookstores, and others are included. Also find museums, wineries or other artisan related sites. Need repairs? Different repair related businesses are also included. The Basic Map and Air Photography Viewer is more map focused. While offering information similar to the Recreation Map, it includes samples of new projects in the DNR. Check the box near "Air Photography 1930s (SW Story County)" to look back at how the landscape used to look in this area of the state. More of the state is coming, so check later to see if your area of interest has been added.

All IMS sites have a link for beginners located under "Getting Started." Help in using the map services is available in the upper right corner of the page where it says "for website help, click here." Enjoy and happy biking!


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