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Arizona Game and Fish Commission Lifts Slot Limit At Roosevelt Lake

August 10, 2010

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The Arizona Game and Fish Commission lifted the slot limit at Roosevelt Lake starting Aug. 17.

Game and Fish biologists asked the commission to remove the slot limit at Roosevelt in part because most anglers now practice catch-and-release, but also because this popular lake in the Tonto Basin is experiencing tremendous productivity.

Fisheries Chief Kirk Young told the commission that when the slot limit was initiated in 1990 it typically took anglers around eight hours to catch one bass, and the vast majority of anglers kept and ate the fish they caught. The objective of the slot limit was to increase the catch rates on bass and also increase the average size of bass, which it accomplished.

The slot worked well. Times have changed.

After two years of intensive studies at Roosevelt, biologists have determined that the bass population is healthy, reproduction is good, size classes are well balanced, bass grow-outs are superb and less than 7 percent of anglers catch and keep bass.

However, the commission acted on the Roosevelt proposal a few months earlier than the other proposed fishing regulation changes for 2011 so it could accommodate a request from the town of Payson, Arizona to lift the slot limit for an upcoming national bass tournament, the FLW, at Roosevelt Sept. 22-25. Payson hosts the event.

Young explained that because the department was already planning to recommend the commission lift the slot starting in January, dealing with the issue a few months early makes no difference biologically but socially it would accommodate Paysonís request.

Payson Mayor Kenny Evans thanked the commission and the department for working so cooperatively with the town on this and other issues. Mayor Evans pointed out that that last yearís FLW tournament was a major economic boon to the Town of Payson, Tonto Basin and other nearby communities, and the event shows all signs of being even larger and more fun-filled this year. "Roosevelt is becoming a world-class bass fishery."

Discuss Roosevelt Slot Limit Here


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