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Sunfish Caught At Lake Havasu, Arizona Could Be World Record

May 04, 2011

On May 2, 2011 Robert Lawler of Lake Havasu  landed a huge 5.55 pound, 16.75-inch redear sunfish out of Lake Havasu, Arizona.

You read that correctly – sunfish.

The behemoth panfish had a 19-inch girth. Lawler used a Texas-rigged 7-inch Power Worm. There’s no doubt it is a contender for a world record.

Right now, it's a semi-official Arizona state record for the Colorado River.

Oddly enough, these relatively small species feed on invasive quagga mussels. This guy must have been getting his fill.

The existing state record redear was caught Feb. 16, 2010 at Lake Havasu by a California angler and it weighed 4 pounds 2.24 ounces and was 15.5 inches long.

Record Redear Sunfish

John Galbraith of provided the photo.


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