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Utah Poaching Witness Bags Trophy Elk

January 20, 2009

Utah – Good things happen to those who wait. Just ask Mary Moulton.

Utah Elk Hunting
Mary Moulton with her 5x5 elk. Photo by Gary Moulton
During most of the year, Mary lives and works at Fish Lake near Richfield. She's an avid hunter, and she has hunted the area for years.

During the 2007 general season spike bull elk hunt, Mary was going about her business when she heard rifle shots above her home. She looked up in time to see a person shoot a branch-antlered bull elk and then abandon the animal. (Branch-antlered bulls may not be taken during the spike bull elk hunt.)

Mary later saw the same person rifle in hand still hunting in the area. She contacted wildlife officers and let them know what she saw. The officers arrested the individual and later obtained a conviction in court.

Because the arrest resulted in a conviction, the Division of Wildlife Resources issued a poaching-reported-reward permit to Mary. The permit was good for the limited entry bull elk hunt on the Fish Lake unit in 2008.

On the opening morning of the 2008 hunt, Mary bagged an enormous bull elk. The bull had five antler points on each of its antlers.

Mary named the bull "Last Chance." She named the animal this because she thinks it might be the last big bull she takes.

Mary Moulton is 72 years old.

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