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Maryland Park Service Welcomes New Class Of Park Rangers

June 19, 2008

KINGSVILLE — The Maryland Park Service recently honored 11 Department of Natural Resources (DNR) employees for their successful completion of the Maryland Park Ranger training program. Their outstanding performance in both classroom and field experiences earned them the right to bear the time-honored title of Maryland Park Ranger. (story continues below)
Maryland Park Rangers

Our rangers are the face of our state parks, inspiring adults and young people to enjoy and learn about the stewardship of our natural and cultural resources in a safe and responsible manner,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “I congratulate this newest generation of rangers, who will uphold the Maryland Park Service tradition of exemplary public service and commitment to the protecting our natural resources.”

Maryland’s newest park rangers successfully demonstrated expertise in ten functions of ranger work including: knowledge of Maryland geography and history; first responder certification; search and rescue skills; and basic skills in natural, cultural, and historical interpretation. The new rangers also completed training for emergency medical technician (EMT) certification, wildland fire fighting and prevention, canoe certification and other valuable training essential to the successful management and operation of public lands.

“We are extremely proud of the accomplishments and commitment made by our new class of rangers,” said Maryland Park Service Superintendent Nita Settina. “Each of them brings a fresh perspective and new talent to our ranks.”

Maryland park rangers have the professional responsibility for the stewardship and protection of the natural, cultural, historical and recreational resources in Maryland’s State Parks. By incorporating interpretation, education, public safety and resource management skills, they serve the public as mentors, inspiring a stewardship ethic and a passion for conservation.

The following new Maryland Park Service park rangers were recognized and presented with certificates.
  • Ranger William Baumann of Flintstone will serve at Rocky Gap State Park.
  • Ranger John Fitzroy of Kennedyville will serve at Wye Island Natural Resource Management Area.
  • Ranger Jaime Kimble of Salisbury will serve at Assateague Island State Park.
  • Ranger Cineva Kline of Berlin will serve at Assateague Island State Park.
  • Ranger Melissa McCormick of Frostburg will serve at New Germany State Park.
  • Ranger Bill Moffat of Waldorf will serve at Southern Maryland Recreational Complex, which includes Cedarville State Forest.
  • Ranger Roy Musselwhite of Swanton will serve at Deep Creek Lake Recreation Area.
  • Ranger Alicia Norris of Cumberland will serve at Rocky Gap State Park.
  • Ranger Wanda Sandy of Mechanicsville will serve at Point Lookout State Park.
  • Ranger Sue Steyer of Oakland will serve at Herrington Manor and Swallow Falls State Parks.
  • Ranger Erin Thomas of Fariplay will serve South Mountain Recreation Area (Greenbrier State Park).

For more information on the Maryland Park Service, visit www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/.

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