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Dave Hunt Retires After 31 Years Of Wyoming G&F Service

July 6, 2010

CHEYENNE - Dave Hunt, Lands Branch supervisor in Cheyenne, recently retired after 31 years of service with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

He began his Game and Fish career as a lands specialist and was promoted to lands branch supervisor in 1984.

Over the years he has been instrumental in acquiring access for sportsmen and acreage that is important wildlife habitat.

"Under his watch, thousands of acres that have provided access easements for hunters and fishermen have been made available," said WGFD lands specialist Kerry Olson. "His work will continue to have a long-term benefit for the sportsmen of Wyoming."

Prior to joining the Game and Fish, Hunt was a range technician for the U.S. Forest Service and a range conservationist for the Thunder Basin Grazing Association.

He is a Cheyenne native and a St. Mary's High School graduate. He earned an associate's degree in wildlife management from Casper College and a bachelor's degree in range management from the University of Wyoming.

Dave was instrumental in founding the Organization of Wildlife Lands and Realty Specialists. He played a key role in significant WGFD acquisitions including Red Rim, Thunderhead, Rawhide and the Sheep Mountain-Forbes Access Area.
In 1988 the Game and Fish named him "Habitat and Technical Services Division Employee of the Year."


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