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California Game Warden Busts Marijuana Growers With 40 Pounds Of Pot

September 27, 2010

Glenn County, California - Quick-thinking Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Warden Michael Beals single-handedly apprehended four men transporting marijuana in Glenn County recently. The arrest also netted 40 lbs. of pot, grown illegally in Mendocino Forest, with an estimated street value of $40,000.

On Sept. 12, the Willows-area warden was driving into Mendocino National Forest to patrol for deer poachers. He noticed that the bed of a gray pick-up truck driving toward him in the opposite direction was full of uncovered demolition debris, including drywall.

It seemed odd, Beals said, because you rarely see people coming out of the forest with a load of construction debris. Theyre more likely to go into the forest to illegally dump that kind of trash. As the truck went past, he saw chunks of the gypsum board flying out of its bed and onto the pavement. Allowing anything to leave a vehicle and litter the highway is illegal, so Beals initiated a vehicle stop on the garbage-filled truck.

Outside the truck, the driver said he and his three passengers were construction workers and the material flying from his truck bed was from a house they had been working on. He lifted a piece of the drywall, which allowed Beals to see what appeared to be a large bag filled with dried marijuana. Beals then arrested the driver and the three other occupants of the vehicle.

During the subsequent investigation, Warden Beals learned that two of the trucks occupants had been working in an illegal marijuana garden hidden in the Mendocino Forest when the Glenn County Marijuana Eradication Team had flown over in their helicopter. The two were able to grab 40 lbs. of dried, processed weed and run into the forest, where they contacted two friends in the valley. Their friends picked them up truck and all were headed home with approximately $40,000 worth of pot, when Beals attention to detail ended their trip. All four suspects were booked into the Glenn County jail and are being held there for numerous drug trafficking violations.


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