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Sage Grouse Work Earns Anadarko And Lance Oil G&F Recognition

September 23, 2005

CASPER - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department presented awards to two energy companies in recognition for their donations and cooperation in restoring sage grouse habitat.

Game and Fish Director Terry Cleveland presented the awards to Anadarko Petroleum and Lance Oil and Gas Company, Inc. at the Game and Fish Commission meeting in Casper Sept. 8.

Cleveland said both companies contributed to a community-based approach to restoring sage grouse habitat, a project that was initiated by the Lake DeSmet Conservation District and the Northeast Wyoming Sage Grouse Working Group.

Anadarko Petroleum donated a $42,762 Lawson soil aerator to the Game and Fish. Lance Oil and Gas Company pledged $10,000 toward the project. To date, the Lance donation has been used to modify the aerator so both seed boxes could be used simultaneously, help pay for the delivery of the aerator to the project site and to purchase seed.

The aerator breaks up the soil and encourages moisture to enter the soil profile. During aeration, alfalfa is planted. The plant is highly preferred by sage grouse, as well as mule deer, antelope and livestock.

Cleveland said the aerator will greatly benefit sage grouse. Biologists sought funding for an aerator, but available granting programs did not allow for expensive equipment purchases, he said. Anadarko Petroleum and Lance Oil and Gas filled in the gap.

Rusty Roush, of Lance Oil and Gas Co. said he appreciated the award, and his company will continue to participate in sage grouse conservation efforts. Anadarko Petroleumís Rick Robitaille said partnership is the word. Anadarko is here for the long run and wants to be both partner and neighbor to the commission, the department and to wildlife, he said.

Cleveland presented the representatives with framed thank you letters. We thank Anadarko and Lance Oil for their contributions and we only hope there will be help from other industries as well, he said.


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