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Bobcat Attacks Florida Man

January 23, 2009

Martin County, Florida Ė Two men fought and killed an attacking 30-pound bobcat in self defense in Martin County Thursday.

According to reports from Okeechobee County Animal Control, Romeo Gomez and another man were working on a fence on private property in Indiantown when they spotted the bobcat moving along the fence line. As it came closer, Gomez moved his arms to shoo it away. The bobcat jumped on the man and began attacking him. The other man grabbed a hammer and was able to kill the bobcat.

Gomez was scratched and bitten. He was treated at Raulerson Hospital in Okeechobee County and released.
Officials will test the cat for rabies.

Bobcat attacks on humans are uncommon. If a bobcat does attack a human, in most cases, the cat is sick with distemper or rabies. People can take precautions to limit the impacts of wildlife/human encounters. The FWC reminds residents not to let wild animals become comfortable in residential settings as sometimes happens when people leave any type of food source outside. Residents should maintain the condition of their homes so animals canít get inside attics, eaves or garages.


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